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Transparent Marquee Tent in Ajman – Elegant & Versatile Solutions”

When it comes to weekend events, marquee tents are the ultimate companions for an extraordinary experience. Known by numerous names such as high peak tents, cross cable tents, Vertex tents, or even “weekender tents,” these versatile structures are a favorite amongst tent rental companies, businesses, and owners alike.

Builder Curve Marquee Tent in UAE Dubai Sharjah 

Curve Marquee Tent is a leading manufacturer of high-quality Marquee Tent in the UAE, catering to the needs of clients in Dubai and Sharjah. Renowned for their innovative designs and durable materials, Curve Marquee Tent offers a wide range of customizable options suitable for various events, from corporate functions to grand weddings. Their tents are designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions typical of the region, ensuring reliability and comfort for guests. With a focus on customer satisfaction, the company provides comprehensive services including installation and maintenance, making them a preferred choice for marquee solutions in the UAE.

Builder Curve Marquee Tent in UAE Dubai Sharjah 

What are the advantages of large event tents?


Large event tents guarantee suppleness for your events, every time. With self- supporting spans up to 60 metres, side heights up to 4 metres and bespoke sizes possible, the specific size of event space required can be easily created. Large event tents are boundlessly expandable in modular sections and offer premium material and invincible stability.

Comfort for your guests is paramount, so your event tent will be supplied with air condition options that heat or cool to a precise temperature. All fixtures, fittings and equipment will be tailored to your event as well as the connection and dismantle, which will be done quickly and easily with no disturbance or inconvenience to you.

Smaller occasion tents under 75 sqm and not higher than 5m should not need planning permission. Assemblies that are larger in size, and in situ for additional than a month, may require permission – this is something we can assist with.

What are Marquee Tents ,large event tents?

Large occasion tents are an ideal choice for just around any small or significant event and for short or long-term use. When it comes to adapting the basic idea to specific needs and events, they have supreme scope, ensuring a solution for just about any event. Private celebrations, company events, sports fixtures, hospitality, conferences, trade fairs and much more, can all be turned into an unforgettable experience with a large event tent from Global tent Structures.

Large Event Tents Rental Large Marquees are Suitable for

  • Weddings
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Company parties
  • Conferences
  • Trade Fairs
  • Exhibitions
  • Hospitality
  • Sporting events
  • Road Shows

And  much more…


Big Clear Roof Marquee Tent is a premier supplier of transparent party tents in Dubai, UAE, known for their striking clear roof designs that create a stunning ambiance for any event. Specializing in high-quality materials and contemporary styles, their transparent tents are perfect for weddings, corporate events, and upscale parties, offering unobstructed views and an open, airy feel.

These tents not only provide a visually appealing setting but are also engineered to withstand Dubai’s extreme weather conditions, ensuring safety and comfort for guests. Big Clear Roof Marquee’s commitment to excellence includes tailored services, from initial consultation to installation and maintenance, making them a top choice for elegant and reliable event solutions in the region.


Our large occasion Marquee Tents and marquees come with excellent quality and service

The team at Global tent company can draw on over 60 years’ experience as innovators in the temporary structures industry. We are the companion of choice when it comes to event tents for any event. We are a full-service provider and will partner you with 360 degree service and support – from the initial consultation, design and static controls through to delivery, install and removal. All our large marquees and event tents are manufactured in-house at our production center in Germany. Ensuring premium quality materials with a 100% Made in Germany guarantee.

It goes without saying that our large event tents and large marquees are designed to guarantee 100% waterproof. Windproof and UV-resistant qualities, ensuring events can take place 12 months of the year. Offering superior flexibility, our large event tents can be adapted for many different events and locations.

The lightweight design and simple installation will ensure fast and simple relocation. Making them an ideal choice for roadshows or sporting fixtures. This ability to easily pull to pieces, relocate. And install even applies to our best event tents such as VIP lounges, grandstands and multi-level structures.

Used Marquee Tent

With the development of Global Tent Company, our company sells the Marquee Tent rented before. The frame is well preserved and can be spray-painted. Our company also has PVC cover washing machine. So it’s a good choice for you.
1.Low price: The used marquee tent is well preserved in appearance. But the price is much lower than the new one.
2. Renew before loading: The used Marquee Tent will be painted, which will not affect the use.
3. More choose on size: There are a variety of sizes for the the used marquee tent.

  • Brand: Gaoshan Tent
  • Product origin: Shenyang
  • Delivery time: 25 days
  • Supply capacity: 100,000㎡/month

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